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Fantasy Books That Made It Into Movies/TV Series

Witcher series

The Witcher

by Andrzej Sapkowski

The Witcher is the newest bestselling adaptation on this list, proving that a short story published in a sci-fi and fantasy magazine can develop into a renowned video game and beloved Netflix series.

The recent Netflix adaptation could be considered only somewhat faithful to the source material: the books. Netflix draws inspiration from the book series and the video games for a combined storyline, meaning the characterisation and context will inevitably differ to fit the narrative they’ve decided to tell.

In terms of choosing what to read when, fans advise you to start with the short story collections as they’ll give you context to Geralt of Rivia’s character, then dive into the five novels for a complex storyline and a sleuth of characters. Buy Book Here..

Harry Potter

by J. K. Rowlingi

An international bestseller and an overnight success, the Harry Potter book series was perhaps equally as popular as the film series and became a cultural legacy amongst a diehard audience.

The film adaptations were mostly able to stay faithful to the beloved book series, maintaining the consistent world building and overall storyline throughout. However, with the sleuth of characters present, the adaptations lose some of the important character development as they’re reduced to stereotypes or tropes.

The book series provides so many details to the wondrous world J. K. Rowling has created that the adaptation missed due to time, alongside subplots and character growth. Buy Book Here ..

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Twilight ​


by Stephanie Meyer

A pandemonium amongst tweens and teens alike, the fantasy series took the world by storm, and continues to amass a strong fanbase, especially with The Midnight Sun’s release.

The film adaptations kept almost faithfully to the book series, using the same characters fans had grown to love and fight over. Although they kept the same storyline nearly up until the very end, the plot twist climatic scene during the last film divided fan’s about whether this was the right decision to make.

The book series introduces each character’s backstories and shows some subplots that became important to the overall story arc later, as well as Stephanie Meyer’s delightful descriptions that certainly captivate an audience. Buy Book Here .. 

The Mortal Instruments

by Cassandra Clare

After a failed film franchise, the TV adaptation gave the book series a fresh start to get it right and introduce the fascinating urban fantasy series to a brand-new audience.

Unlike the other fantasy adaptations on this list, The Mortal Instruments hasn’t kept faithfully to the book series, instead adapting it with multiple books per season to keep hardcore fans as surprised as the new fans. The series provoked a mixed reaction from the hardcore fans, so perhaps it didn’t pay off.

Interestingly, while the storyline in the book series is more complex and intertwined, there is some debate as to whether the characterisation in the adaptation benefitted from this change as they felt more complex and three-dimensional than the book characters. Buy Book Here .. 

The Mortal Instruments

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